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Why ShouldSt Thou Swear I Am Forsworn

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Why Should'St Thou Swear I Am Forsworn

Why Should'St Thou Swear I Am Forsworn

Why should'st thou swear I am forsworn?
Since thine I vow'd to be?
Lady, it is already morn:
It was last night I swore to thee
this fond impossibility.

Have I not love'd thee much and long,
A tedious twelve hours' space!
I should all other beauties wrong
And rob thee of a new embrace
Should I still dote upon thy face.

Not that all joys in thy brown hair
By others may be found;
But I will search the dark, the fair,
Like skilful min'ralists that found
Their treasures in unploughed ground.

[tune:Why should'st thou swear I am forsworn]
Found in "Loyal Garland" c1680's.  Attributed to King Charles I,
and popular among his cavaliers. WBO
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