Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Why Dont They Do So Now

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Why Don't They Do So Now?

Why Don't They Do So Now?
When I was a little boy, the ladies all would say
I was a darling joker, but was always in the way;
Nice stories they would tell me, with some sugar in a rag,
And in my little mouth they would put the sugar-bag;
Some peppermint they gave me, and some nice, good clothes to wear;
Then they'd dress me up so neatly, and they curled my auburn hair;
They would tote me round the room, and when I kicked up a row,
They would kiss me, and they'd hug me..why don't they do so now?


They would tote me round the room, and when I kicked up a row,
They would kiss me, and they'd hug me.. why don't they do so now?
When evening came at last, my little frock was laid away,
They would put my little night-gown on, and lovingly would say:
Now go to sleep, my little dear, we'll keep your toes-es warm;
You've nothing more to fear, my love, we'll keep you from all harm:
When Mother Goose's Melodies so sweetly I would hear,
While the ladies all would call me their darling little dear;
They would pat me on my little head, and talk to show me how:
They would press me to their bosoms then.. why don't they do so now?


When I a little older grew, just big enough to walk,
I was the sweetest boy of all, so nicely I could talk.
Into a blacksmith's shop I went, to see the fire fly..
I was a little frightened: so, I began to cry;
I saw a red-hot iron bar, a prize I thought to gain..
I picked it up right quickly, but soon laid it down again.
The maid then took me in her arms, I cannot show you how..
But she kissed me and she hugged me then.. why don't she do so now?


The maid (she was a nice young girl) to the Park oft did go:
Of course, she took the babe along, to see the baby-show:
And as we walked around the grounds the different sights to see,
The ladies all would turn their heads to get a peep at me;
They would kiss the dimples in my cheeks, and smooth my auburn hair;
They would ask the maid: what was my name, had I a Pa or Ma?
They would toss me way up in the air.. methinks I see them now..
They would smother me with kisses then..I wish they'd do so now!


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher,
60 Chatham Street, New-York.

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