Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
When First We Met

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When First We Met

When First We Met
(Alan Bell)

   1. When first we met we were total strangers
      We didn't know if we could be friends,
      How soon we came to know each other
      Now I know we will meet again

 So here's to you and our time together
 I'll share with you now a parting glass
 And bid adieu with a smile and laughter
 Our time apart will be short and pass

   2. We talked of dreams and a good tomorrow
      Of yesterday's and their dark dispairs
      We've had our share of joys and sorrows
      Now we part as friends who care

   3. A long long road now winds before me
      And fate may take me where it will
      Through deep valleys and over mountains
      I'll not forget, I'll remember you still

(repeat first verse)
learned from Kathy Westra Hickerson who got it from David Jones.
(who perhaps got it from Alan Bell?)
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