Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
When Carnal First Came to Arkansas

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When Carnal First Came to Arkansas

When Carnal First Came to Arkansas

When Carnal first came to Arkansas.
He came from Missouri O
He sung so sweet and melodious
That he charmed the heart of a lady O

When the landlord came in at night
Inquiring for his lady O.
The answer was.  "She is not here;
Shes run away with Carnal."

Go saddle to me my little bay mare.
The black is not so speedy O.
I'll ride all day  I'll ride all night.
Or I'll overtake my lady.

Won't you turn around? Won't you come
Won't you go with your husband O?
I'll lock you up in a room so high.
Where Carnal can't come nigh you.

I won't turn around, nor I won't go back;
I won't go with my husband O.
I wouldn't give a kiss from Carnal's lips
For all your land and your money.

They rode east and they rode west
They spent most all her money O,
Likewise the gold pins off her breast
The gold rings off her finger.

I used to have a house and home
And seven little babes to enthrall me O
Now I've come to the want of bread
And Carnal's gone and left me.

From Southern Folk Ballads, McNeill
Collected from Mrs. Zona Blak, Arkansas, 1942
Child #200
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