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When All Men Sing

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When All Men Sing

When All Men Sing
(K.Scowcraft, Derek Gifford)

 When snow transforms the hedgerow thorn
 And frost engilds the berry
 Good men and true the firelogs hew
 And in the inns make merry
 When singing all as with one voice
 It seems the very walls rejoice
 And merriment about does spring
 When all men sing.

 Cho:      Let every man so pitch his song

To help his neighbor sing along

To each and all contentment bring

When all men sing.

 When lambs are seen and trees spring green
 Come forth in bloom the daisies
 For winters end our thanks we'll send
 At Easter-time sing praises
 Then with a will, yea one accord
 We'll raise our voices to the Lord
 And praise above our heavenly King
 When all men sing.

 When in the fields his scythe he wields
 Then hear his summer sound
 As man and boy their lungs employ
 The songs they echo round
 Rebound from hill and roof and spire
 Starting lowly building higher
 So surely then his scythe will swing
 When all men sing.

When leaves they fall from elm tree tall
 Then every back must bend
 As young and old with courage bold
 Their efforts they expend
 Ensuring autumn's gifts are stored
 Afore cold winter winds is blowed
 Then comes and end to foraging
 When all men sing.

 Here's songs in season every year
 Some voices sweet with others strong
 Gently round ascending
 With harmonies a-blending
 In unison pours forth the song
 Uplifting beams of Inn or Hall
 And shaking plaster from the wall
 When all men sing.

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