Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
What Did Dewey Do to Them

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What Did Dewey Do to Them?

What Did Dewey Do to Them?
(R.H.Brennen and Grant W. Barnett)

Oh when the war with Spain broke out
The Spaniards cheered with vim!
When Dewey left Hong Kong to fight
they swore they'd settle him,
But Dewey merely smiled at them
And whispered, "When I'm through,
You'll hear the Spaniards weep and howl,
   What didn't Dewey do?

cho: What did Dewey do to them?
     What did Dewey do?
     He did them up so thoroughly
     He only left a few,
     It wasn't to the Queen's taste
     That's a pun and very true,
He didn't do a thing to them
What did Dewey do?

The Spaniards ran away like curs
They couldn't fight the Yanks
Manila's Gov'nor  Gen'ral said
'Come take our town with thanks",
The town's now ours, but in old Spain
The very air is blue.
While every organ grinder plays,
   What didn't Dewey do?

The English are amazed by us
Oh they admire our pluck
They say us Yanks are up to date
And always play in luck,
It isn't luck, it's Yankee nerve
That carries us straight through,
And all the world yells out today,
   What didn't Dewey do?

In years to come the Spanish Dons
Will tell in whispers low;
How Dewey ruined the Spanish fleet
And did it at one blow,
They'll tell their children in the schools
Of the Red White and Blue
While Cuba's bands will sweetly play
   What didn't Dewey do?

In all the towns in this broad land
Our flag is waving high,
The finest flag that ever waved
Beneath a brave blue sky
And all the foreign nations know
That we are brave and true,
While every paper headlines it
   What didn't Dewey do?

When this cruel war is over
And war's black curtain falls,
You will see our grand old banner
Wave over Spanish walls.
And poor Cuba's cry for freedom
Will ring out strong and true,
And Uncle Sam will sing and dance,
   What didn't Dewey do?

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