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What Can a Young Lassie

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What Can a Young Lassie

What Can a Young Lassie

cho:  What can a young lassie, what shall a young lassie
      What can a young lassie di wi' an old man?   2x

Bad luck on the penny that tempted my Minnie
T' sell her poor Jenny f'r cellar and land   2x

He's always complainin' fra' mornin' t' evenin'
He hosts an' he harples the weary be lang

He's doilt and he's dozin,' his blood it is frozen
Oh, drear is the nicht wi' a crazy old man

He hums and he hankers, he frets and he cankers
I never can please him, do all that I can

He's peevish and jealous of all the young fellas
Oh, dool on the day I met wi' an old man
My old Auntie Katie upon me taks pity
I'll do my endeavor t' follow her plan

I'll cross him and wrack him until I hear crackin'
And then his old brass will by me a new pan

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