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Wear a Green Willow

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Wear a Green Willow

Wear a Green Willow

Once I was invited to a nobleman's wedding
By a false lover that proved so unkind
It causes me now to wear a green willow
It causes me now to bear a troubled mind

Supper was over and everyone seated
Every young man sang his true love a song
Until it came to the bride's own fond lover
The song that he sang to the bride it belonged

Saying, "How can you lie on another man's pillow
As long as you have been a sweetheart of mine?
It causes me now to wear a green willow
It causes me now to bear a troubled mind"

The bride she sat at the head of the table
Every word she remembered right well
Until at last she could bear it no longer
And down on the floor at the groom's feet she fell

Saying, "There is one request that I ask as a favor
As it is the first one, won't you grant it to me?
That this first night I may spend with my mother
The rest of my life I will spend it with thee"

As it was the first one, it was truly granted
Sighing and sobbing she went to her bed
Early next morning the groom he arose
And went there to find that his Mary was dead

"Oh Mary, dear Mary, you never have loved me
With a fond heart as I have loved you
May this be a warning to all men and maidens
To never come between a bride and a groom

recorded by Sara Cleveland
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