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We Set Sail

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We Set Sail

We Set Sail

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom
And that's now we set sail.

First we set sail for the Canaries
With a cargo of 47 fairies,
We are around the bunks
With those 47 punks,
Till all our teeth sprouted caries.

Then we set sail for the Laddrones,
With a cargo of 47 ponies,
We horsed around till noon,
Till our instruments were worn,
They looked lust like melted macaronies

Then we set sail for the Antilles
And the supercargo's name it was Achilles,
He gave the crew a feel
With his damned erotic heel,
But he gave all the officers the willies.

Then we set sail for the Hawaiians
With a cargo of 47 lions,
By the time that we were done
We had buggered every one,
And the offspring were a miracle to science

Then we set sail for the Aleutians
With a cargo of 47 Prussians
By the time we reached the Isles,
They were tangled up in piles,
And the mess ended up in institutions

recorded by Oscar Brand on Bawdy Sea Songs
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