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Way Out West in Alberta

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Way Out West in Alberta

Way Out West in Alberta
(Bud Baldwin)

It was way out west in Alberta
Where the coyotes howl and sing
Where it rained and hailed all summer
And we never raised a thing.

Oh, I came out here one summer
Away out in the west
I think I'll turn and go back
Or I will starve to death.

We travelled through Battle Lake valley,
Through muskeg, mud and mire,
Till I came where they were surveyin'
A road for the CPR.

I built a little log cabin
With a roof of natural clay
Dear friends, I'm sorry to tell you
But I'm bound for the USA.

Oh, money, I haven't one dollar
And the grubstake she's run mighty low
Just as soon as the frog ponds froze over
It's back to the US I'll go.

Farewell to the poor old homesteader
Farewell to the land so free
Farewell to sunny Alberta
She's too damn cold for me!

- by Bud Baldwin, about 1922.  PJT Coll 266. Also in Fowke. JB
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