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Walls of Time

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Walls of Time

Walls of Time
(Peter Rowan & Bill Monroe)
     The wind is blowing 'cross the mountain
     And down o'er the valley way below
     It sweeps the grave of my darlin'
     F C
     When I die, that's where I want to go.

     Lord, send the angels for my darlin'
     And take her to that home on high
     I'll wait my time out here on earth love
     And come to you when I die.

     I hear a voice out in the darkness
     It moans and whispers through the pine
     I know it's my sweetheart a callin'
     I hear her through the walls of time.

     Our names are carved upon a tombstone
     I promised you before you died
     Our love will bloom forever darlin'
     When we raise side by side.

     It's a great tune, done by Monroe, and also recently by Salamander
     Crossing, among others.

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