Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Sweet Evalina

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Sweet Evalina

Sweet Evalina

Way down in a meadow where the lily first blows,
where the winds from the mountain ne'er ruffles the rose;
Lives fond Evalina, the sweet little dove,
The pride of the valley, the girl that I love.

cho: Sweet Evalina, dear Evalina,
     My love for you will never, never die;
     Dear Evalina, sweet Evalina,
     My love for thee shall never, never die.

She is fair as a rose, like the lamb she is meek,
and she never was known to put paint on her cheek;
In the most graceful curls hangs her raven black hair,
and she never requires perfumery there.

Three years have gone by and I've not got a dollar,
Evalina still lives in the green grassy holler;
Although I am fated to marry her never,
I'll love her for sure, forever and ever.

Evalina and I, one fine evening in June,
Took a walk all alone by the light of the moon;
The planets all shone, for the heavens were clear,
And I felt round the heart, oh, most mighty queer.

Now, there is another song I know of that my Daddy sang
and he liked to sing it because it tickled us so.

Evalina and I went a fishing one day.
Evalina caught a minnow and I caught a bass.
Evalina fell in the water clean up to herrrrrr
Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies
Evalina fell in the water clean up to her eyes.

We were little and we never heard Daddy say a bad word
and of course he wasn't useing one but we'ld try to catch
him at it when he sang the song and his eyes would twinkle
because he knew we were trying to catch him. Years later,
a bit older, going down the river fishing with Daddy, when
I'ld get my line caught in a tree I did here a few of
those words. CX

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