Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Success to the Farmer

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Success to the Farmer

Success to the Farmer

 Come all jolly fellows who delight in being mellow
 Attend unto me, I beseech you
 For a pint when it's quiet, come lads let us try it
 Dull thinking will drive a man crazy

 I have lawns, I have bowers
 I have fields, I have flowers
 And the lark is my morning alarmer
 Come jolly boys, now, here's God Speed the Plow
 Long life and success to the Farmer

 Now all who are able, come sit at my table
 And I'll not hear one word of complaining
 For the tinkling of glasses all music surpasses
 And I long to hear bottles a-draining

 For here I am king, I can laugh, drink, or sing
 And let no man appear as a stranger
 Just show me the ass who refuses a glass
 and I'll treat him to hay in the manger

 May the wealthy and great roll in splendour and state
 I envy them not, I declare it
 For I eat my own ham, my chicken and lamb
 And I shear my own sheep and I wear it

 Mr. Dickens said believed the song originates from the county of Sussex.June
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