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Stormy Winds

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Stormy Winds

Stormy Winds

Shepherds are the cleverest lads that ever trod Englands ground,
They will call all at some alehouse and value not one crown,
They'll call for liquor merrily and pay before they go,
They will work in the fields where stormy winds do blow.

A shepherd looked out all on a hill which made his heart to ache,
To see his sheep with their tongues out just ready for to bleat,
He looked up with courage bold and up the hill did go,
For to drive them to fold where stormy winds do blow.

As I walked over mount or plain the frost did cut my feet,
My ewes and lambs hung out their tongues and around me they did weave,
There I took up my courage bold and over the hills did go,
And I drove them to fold where stormy winds do blow.

So now that I have folded them and returned straight back again,
Into some jovial company I boldly entered in,
A-drinking of strong liquor boys it is my hearts delight,
While my sheep lay asleep all the cold and stormy night.

So come all you brisk young shepherds wherever you do march,
On a cold and a grimy morning did you ever feel the smart,
Did you ever feel the smart my boys through hail or frost or snow,
As you drive them to fold where stormy winds do blow.

Trad: English
From the singing of the Copper Family
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