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Science Marches on

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Science Marches on

Science Marches on
(Words by Peter Berryman, music by Lou Berryman, 1996)

The lake dries up and the sun goes down and the rose grows old and dies.
The cyclone hits like a wall o' bricks and the swelling rivers rise.
The wolf's right there with a deadly glare in the lair of the newborn fawn.
Draught kills trout and stars burn out but science marches on.

Drive through CAT-scan, fax on the belt, modem in a wristwatch, Naugahyde pelt.
Non-fat lard cake, Bible on a chip, parabolic smelloscope, freeze-dried dip.
Laser eye surgery, fusion in jars, paperless government, driverless cars.
CD-ROM phone book, edible earth, motherless fatherless Petri-dish birth.

The eyeballs fail and the backbone bends and the hair's no longer brown.
The big ears flap and I need a nap and I think I'll go lie down.
I draw the shades as the future fades and the past is nearly gone.
Your friends all croak and you're old and broke but science marches on.

DNA Tinker-Toys, clone polliwog, hydroponic parsley, virtual dog.
HDTV, antigrav skis, ultrasound tooth brush, Teflon trees.
Teleport phone booth, cyborg brain, vertical take-off passenger train.
Moneyless megamall, microchip checks, wireless digital cellular sex.

(Both (alternate phrases:)
Ten-year ice cube, time-travel shorts, subatomic pinball, submarine sports.
Deep-space billboard, smoking vaccine, sugarless low-cal soylent green.
Prozac Automat, phaser in a pen, light-emitting overcoat, sensitive men.
Internet fern bar, humanoid squids, 88-gigabyte floptical kids.

Black-hole trashcan, moon-crater home, automatic washcloth, self-propelled comb.
Sensor in the brain pan, feelavision set, flyaway Chevrolet camper-van jet.
Interactive oleo, La-Z-Boy shoes, autofocus windowpane, remedial blues.
Self-clean condo, Astroturf shrub, flashback epiphany afterlife club.

(c)1996, Peter & Lou Berryman

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