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(traditional Newfoundland)

I came upon a charming girl
  And Sarah was her name
Her parents want a husband
  With riches, wealth, and fame
I have no wealth, and riches and fame
  Have never come my way
Until the day when I crept up
  And through the keyhole say

    Sarah, Sarah, won't you come out tonight
    Sarah, Sarah, the moon is shining bright
    Put your cap and jacket on
    Tell your mother you won't be long
    And I'll be waiting for you 'round the corner

My Sarah is a girl like this
  A girl you seldom see
She loves me only for myself
  And not for my money
Every night at eight o'clock
  She puts the needles away
And standing just beside the door
  And through the keyhole say

One night a little after eight
  I crept up to her door
And I whispered "Sarah, darling"
  As I'd often done before
"Sarah! Sarah!  I'll give you Sarah!" said a voice
  As down I fell a-flop
And her mother saying, as she kicked me all around the shop

The old woman thought she'd killed me
  And I let her think so, too
As I lay there on the floor
  I scarce knew what to do
At last she said, "Is he live or dead?
  My girl I'll let him wed."
Then up I jumps, says "Thank you ma'am"
  And to to my girl I said

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