Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Other Day I Met a Bear

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The Other Day I Met a Bear

The Other Day I Met a Bear

(Note: Group (G) follow leader (L), then both (B))

L: The other day
G: The other day
L: I met a bear
G: I met a bear
L: Up in the woods
G: Up in the woods
L: A way up there
G: A way up there
B: The other day I met a bear, up in the woods away
up there

I looked at him... He looked at me...I sized up
him...He sized up me...

He said to me...Why don't you run...I see you ain't
... Got any gun

And so I ran .. Away from there .. And right behind
.. Me was that bear

And then I saw .. Ahead of me .. A great big tree ..
Oh, Lordy me

The nearest branch .. Was ten feet up.. I'd have to
jump .. And trust to luck

And so I jumped .. Into the air .. I missed that
branch .. Away up there

Now don't you fret .. And don't you frown .. Cause I
caught that branch .. On the way back down

That's all there is .. There ain't no more .. Unless
I meet .. That bear once more

We used to sing this in the Girl Scouts
tune; Sipping Cider
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