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One More River

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One More River

One More River

Old Noah once he build the ark,
There's one more river to cross,
And pathed it up with hickory bark,
There's one more river to cross,
    One more river, There's one more river to cross,
    One more river, There's one more river to cross,

He anchored the ark to a great big rock,...
And then he began to load his stock...
        The animals went in one by one,
        The elephant chewing a caraway bun,
The animals went in two by two,
The crocodile and the kangaroo.
        The animals went in three by three,
        The tall girafe and the tiny flea.
The animals went in four by four,
The hippopotamus stuck in the door.
        The animals went in five by fie,
        The bees mistook the bear for a hive.
The animals went in six by six,
The monkey was up to his usual tricks.
        The animals went in seven by seven,
        Said the ant to Elephant"who're you shoving".
The animals went in eight by eight,
Some were early and were late,
        The animals went in nine by nine,
        They all formed fours and marched in line.
The animals went in ten by ten,
If you want any more I will sing it againe.

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