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On the Verge

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On the Verge

On the Verge
(Colin Raye)

Well, they shouldn't a played that good
I got carried away and let the music - go to my head
Well, she shouldn't of worn that dress
The way it curled around when she was spinnin' - just killed me dead
My heart began to tell my body and my soul
It had gotten in the mood to lose control.

cho:      Oh, no - when did neon lights turned into moon glow
     When did that jukebox turn to a rainbow
     I'm about to give in to this urge
     One more slow dance - with her arms around me
     One more long glance - and nothing will slow down, me
     I got no chance - if I'm not in love I'm on the verge.

All I wanted to be was cool -
It ain't my style to overheat - much less burn
But as I floated across the floor
All at once i flashed right past the point - of no return
And when we said goodnight - the sun was on the rise
Any stars that hadn't set - had fallen in my eyes.

CHORUS: TAG: If I'm not in love, I'm on the verge.


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