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On Your Way Home

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On Your Way Home

On Your Way Home
(Luther Schutz)

It's a river that rolls and flows
It's a story that never grows old
It's a light on the land, you can reach out your hand
You know it's part of us all
And it's a full moon that shines on down
It's the crackle of snow on the ground
It's a sip when you're dry, it's the tears that you cry
You know it's always around

CHO:And we just drift with the tide
    Trying to find the light that's inside
    Sometimes it's hard to resign, yourself to your life
    But you quiet your heart and your mind
    Not looking too hard is the best way to find
    That certain light that will shine on your way home

And it's the faraway look you get
When you think about someone you met
It was a long time ago
But you still know
They're a part of you yet

And it's the warmth of the sound you hear
When you think about someone so dear
You know it's been quite a while
But they live in your smile
Growing stronger each year

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