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Old H-U-A-C

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The Old H-U-A-C

The Old H-U-A-C
(The Raunch Hands)

 I am a college student
 And I've come to sing a song
 I've always been a liberal
 I never thought it wrong
 But I have come to tell you
 Take warning now from me
 Or you may have to tangle with
 The old  H-U-A-C.

 Now, I am only eighteen years
 Of age as of this date
 It's hard to see how I could be
 A danger to the state
 But that's what the committee said
 And so it has to be
 For their sources are of
 Unimpeachable integrity.

 H-U-A-C,  H-U-A-C
 What a lucky thing it is for you and me
 That our freedoms are well guarded
 By politically retarded
 Men of unimpeachable integrity.

 I went and joined a picket line
 Because I'd like to see
 No more discrimination
 If our land is really free
 I'd like to see them put an end
 To weapons testing too
 But they say this is a dangerous
 Subversive point of view.

 I tried to be progressive
 But I never was a red
 I thought the first amendment
 Meant exactly what it said
 But now that that's gone out of style
 There's just one thing to do
 Be silent or conservative
 The choice is up to you.

 H-U-A-C,  H-U-A-C
 They're just lookin' out
 For guys like you and me
 So become reactionary
 And of progress be most wary
 Keep our country true and brave
 And strong and free.

 So listen to my warning
 And reject each liberal view
 And praise the men who govern us
 No matter what they do
 But even this is not enough
 For those who would go far
 You'd better make your mother
 Join the local  D A R.

 Now please don't tell them who
 It was that wrote this song
 If anyone should ask you
 Tell them I have moved along
 I'm sorry that I have to leave
 The evening has been great
 But I have been subpoenaed
 And I really can't be late.

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