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Old Georges Square

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Old George's Square

Old George's Square

My parents raised me tenderly
They had no child but me
But my mind was set on rambling around
And with them I couldn't agree
There was a girl in this same town
She was so wond'rous fair
There was no other girl in the country 'round
That with her I could compare

I asked her if she would agree
For me to cross over the main
She said she would prove true to me
Till I return again
I got my things, went to the dock
Her tears shone down like wine
We kissed, shook hands, and parted
I left my girl behind

As I walked out one morning
To view Old George's Square
The mail-post boat had just arose
And the post-boy met me there
He handed me a letter
Which give me to understand
That the girl I left behind me
Had married another man

I turned myself all around and about
I knew not what to do
I read on a few lines further
And I found the news were true
I'll follow the old train
Bad company I'll resign
I'll ramble around from town to town
For the girl I left behind

Jean Ritchie's version of the story.
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