Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Ol Mickey Brannigans Pup

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Ol' Mickey Brannigan's Pup

Ol' Mickey Brannigan's Pup
(Gus Phillips)

Ol' Mickey Brannigan had a bull pup
Bred of O'Lannigan stock,
Seventeen hours of battle he fought,
'Pon my soul, an' he did, by the clock.

cho: Bow-wow-wow-wow, what a pup, to be sure,
     Fighting he'd never give up,
     Never was known such a wonderful dog
     As Ol' Mickey Brannigan's pup.

His tail was a neat little bit of stump,
Bowlegged and two crooked eyes,
A look at his darn ugly mug was enough:
'Twas the Devil himself, in disguisc!

He trod on the tail of Maloney's best coat,
On the bustle of Mary Ann Flynn,
Ravaging young Kitty Mulligan's leg,
Holy Mother! It was a great sin.

He grabbed up the Dutch shoemaker's dog,
Shook him around like a rat;
Hc murdered Tim Finnegan's beautiful goat,
Et the tail of McMonigan's cat.

A man came along with an organ one day,
Had a monkey tied fast by a string;
The dog, when he saw him, he yelled with delight
And made a most wonderful spring.

Hejumped onto the Eye-talian's back,
Bursted the organ inside,
Tried to swallow the monkey,
But he choked on his tail and died.

From Folk Songs of the Catskills, Cazden et al
Collected from George Edwards
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