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Oh Run Let the Bullgine Run(Halliards Shanty)

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Oh Run, Let the Bullgine Run (Halliards Shanty)

Oh Run, Let the Bullgine Run (Halliards Shanty)
 Oh we'll run all night till the morning

Cho:      Oh run, let the bullgine run,
Way-yah, oh-i-oh, run, let the bullgine run.

 Oh we sailed all day to Mobile Bay

 Oh we sailed all night across the Bight (Australia)

 Oh we'll run from Dover to Callais

 Oh drive her captain drive her

 Oh captain make her nose blood

 She's a dandy packet and a flier too

 With a dandy skipper and a dandy crew

 Oh we'll run all night till the morning

 Phew! pass the rum mates I'm outa breath

Derisive and somewhat primitive slang onboard ships for an engine.
Possibly picked up from Negro American slang and used by sailors.
The steam version was run from a "Donkey" boiler, and the term carried
over to steamships who had Donkeymen as a rating for the engine room
 staff. Donkey Greasers and Greasers, Stokers became Oilers or
Mechanical assistants when the INFERNAL (internal) combustion engine
was invented.

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