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O for Ane and Twenty Tam

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O, for Ane and Twenty, Tam

O, for Ane and Twenty, Tam

cho: An O, for ane-and-twenty, Tam!
     And hey, sweet ane-and-twenty, Tam!
     I'II Iearn my kin a rattIin sang,
     An I saw ane-and-twenty, Tam.

They snool me sair, and haud me down,
   And gar me look like bluntie, Tam;
But three short years will soon wheel roun-
   And then comes ane-and-twenty, Tam!

A gleib o lan, a claut o gear
  Was left me by my auntie, Tam.
At kith or kin I needna spier,
   An I saw ane-and-twenty, Tam.

They'll hae me wed a wealthy coof,
   Tho  I mysel hae plenty, Tam;
But hear'st thou, laddie-there's my loof:
   I'm thine at ane-and-twenty, Tam.

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