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O Slaves of Toil

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O Slaves of Toil

O Slaves of Toil
(James Connolly)

When man shall stand erect at last,
And drink at Wisdoms fountain,
And to the earth in scorn shall cast
The chains his limbs are bound in
Then from his loins a race shall spring
Fit peer of gods and heroes
O, blest be they whose efforts bring
That day and hour more near us

O, Slaves of toil,no craven fear,
Nor dread of fell disasters
Need daunt ye now, then up,and clear
The earth of lords and masters

Like brazen serpent raised on high
In Israelite tradition
Our cause in each believing eye,
When slaverys abolition,
We see the day when man shall rise,
And, firm on science building,
From Thefts thick mask of fraud and lies
Stript all the specious gilding


O, blest are they whom wind and tide
Are wafting fortunes graces
And blest the man whose blushing bride
Returns his rapt embraces,
And blest is he who has a friend
To shield his name when slandered
But blest oer all they who contend
And march in Freedoms vanguard

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