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Lumberjacks Prayer

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Lumberjack's Prayer

Lumberjack's Prayer
(T-Bone Slim <Valentine Huhta>)

1.  I pray, dear Lord, for Jesus' sake
    Give us this day a T-bone steak
    Hallowed be thy holy name
    But don't forget to send the same.

2.  Oh hear my humble cry, O Lord,
    And send us down some decent board
    Brown gravy with some German fried
    With sliced tomatoes on the side.

3.  Observe me on my bended legs -
    I'm asking you for ham and eggs
    And if thou havest custard pies
    I'd like, dear Lord, the largest size.

4.  O hear my humble cry, almighty host,
    I quite forgot the quail on toast,
    O let your kindly heart be stirred
    And stuff some oysters in that bird.

5.  Dear Lord, we know thy holy wish
    On Friday we must have a fish
    Our flesh is weak and spirits stale
    You'd better make that fish a whale.

6.  O hear me Lord, remove these "dogs",
    These sausages of powdered logs,
    The bull-beef hash and bearded snouts
    Take them to hell, or thereabouts.

7.  With alum bread and pressed beef butts
    Dear Lord, they've damn near ruined my guts
    The whitewash milk and margarine
    I'd wish to Christ I'd never seen.

8.  O hear me Lord, I'm praying still -
    But if you won't, our Union will
    Put porkchops on the bill of fare
    And starve no workers anywhere.

by T-Bone Slim (Valentine Huhta), 1920, from the Little Red Songbook.
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