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Lowlands of Missouri

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Lowlands of Missouri

Lowlands of Missouri

So soon into my chamber room
So soon I fell asleep
And my noble young captain came
A-rappin' at my feet

Sing rise you up, dear William
Come go along with me
To the lowlands of Missouri
We'll fight for liberty.

My father built a bonny ship
A ship that sailed on sea,
I only have the one true love
He's far away from me.

No comb shall go into my hair
No casque upon my head [hair],
No fire into my chamber room
No candle shall go there.

Neither will I marry
I'll tell you the reason why,
I love the girl that once loved me
I'll love her till I die.

Note: Another degenerate version of Lowlands of Holland. Some
     images are intact, but the story is missing. RG
From Ozark Folksongs, Randolph
Collected from Mrs. Emma L. Dusenbury, AK, 1928
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