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Love of God Shave

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Love of God Shave

Love of God Shave

A barber kept a razor
Full of notches and rust
To shave the poor divils
Who came there for trust.

It happened a poor Irishman
Was passing that way,
Whose beard had been growing
For many a day.

He looked at the barber
And then lay down his hod,
Saying,"Can you trust me a shave
For the love-sake of God?"

He picked up the razor
Full of notches and rust
He kept to shave the poor divils
Who came there for trust.

"Ouch, murther," says Pat,
"Now leave off with your tricks
And don't share any more.'
And Paddy he bolted straight out of the door!

Saying,"You may lather and shave
Your friends till you're sick,
But, be-jabers, I'd rather
Be shaved with a brick."

A few days after, as Paddy
Was passing the door,
When a jackass he kicked up
A turrible roar.

"Ouch, murther," says Pat,
"Just listen to the knave,
 He's giving some other poor divil
 A love-of-God shave!"

From Ballads and Songs, Belden
Collected from Homer Coffman, 1933
DT #526
Laws Q15
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