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Little Star Treks

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Little Star Treks

Little Star Treks

Little Star Treks on my TV
Little Star Treks look so ticky-tacky,
Little Star Treks, Little Star Treks,
And they all look just the same.
There's the Deep one, and the Next one,
And the good old Bill Shatner one,
And they all look so ticky-tacky
Cause they all look just the same

And the captains of the Star Treks
All rule with great efficency.
Balding captains, balding captains,
Although one wears a toupe.
There's a black one, and a white one,
And a refined old Englishman
And the all act really ticky-tacky
'Cause they all act just the same.

Now the captains of the Star Treks
Have added another one
Lady captain, woman captain,
but a captain just the same.
And she acts tough, and she talks rough
And must not have any fun
'Cause the men acted really ticky tacky,
And she must act just the same.

And the plot lines on the Star Treks
All deal with blowing up a ship.
Silly plot lines, goofy plot lines,
Though they're plot lines just the some.
And the reason is the plot lines
Are written by the same three guys
And they all write really ticky-tacky,
And they all write just the same

And the bad guys on the Star Treks
Wear prosthetic body parts.
Scary bad guys, rubber bad guys,
But they're bad guys just the same.
There's a Klingon, a Pheringe,
And sometimes a Romulan,
And they all act really ticky-tacky
Though they don't look just the same.

repeat first verse
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