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Little Sir William

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Little Sir William

Little Sir William

Easter Day was a holiday, of all days in the year
And all the little school children went out to play
But Sir William was not there

His mother went to the school wife's door
And knocked at the ring
Saying, "Little Sir William, if you are there
Pray let your mother in."

The school wife came to the door and said,
"He is not here today
He is out with the little school children on the green
Playing some pretty play."

His mother went to the river bank
That was so wide and deep
Saying, "Little Sir William, if you are there,
Pray pity your mother's weep."

"Oh how can I pity your weep, mother
And I so long in pain
For the little pen knife sticks close to my heart
And the school wife has me slain."

"Go home, go home, my mother dear,
And prepare my winding sheet
For tomorrow morning before eight o'clock
You with my body shall meet."

"And lay my prayer book at my head
And my grammar at my feet
That all the little school children when they pass by
May read there for my sake."

Child #155
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