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Little Pee-Dee

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Little Pee-Dee

Little Pee-Dee

 It was between Hebbron an' Jarrow,
 Thor cam' on a varry strang gale;
 The Skipper luikt oot o' the huddock,
 Cried, "Smash, man! lower the sail!
 Smash, man! lower the sail!
 Or else to the bottom we'll go!"
 The keel an' a' hands 'ad been lost
 Had it not been for Jemmy Munro

 The gale it blew strang'r an' strang'r
 When they com' aside the Muck hoose,
 The Skipper cried oot, "Jemmy, swing'er!"
 But still was as fear'd as a moose.
 Pee-dee ran to clear the anchor,
 "It's raffed!" reet loudly he roar'd--
 They a' said the gale it wad sink her
 If it wasn't suen thrawn owerboard.

 The laddie ran sweatin', ran sweatin',
 The laddie ran sweatin' aboot,
 Till the keel she went bump agyen Jarrow,
 An' three o' the bullies lap oot;
 Three o' the bulies lap oot,
 An' left nyen in but little Pee-dee,
 Whe ran aboot stampin' an cryin'
 "How, smash! Skipper--what mun aw dee?"

 The Skipper ca'd oot, frae the Kee--
 "Close in by the shore myek her run,
 An' then thraw the painter to me,
 Thou cat fyec'd son of a Gun;"
 The lad threw the painter ashore,
 They fastn'd her up to the Kee,
 But whe knaws hoo far she'd ha'e gyen
 Had it not been for little Pee-dee.

Keel boat song - hauling coal
 -To the tune : "The Irish Drops of Brandy.",
Source A Beuk o' Newcassel Sangs. Joseph Cawhall, 1888

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