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Lets Pretend

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Let's Pretend

Let's Pretend
(Bob Nolan)

On a quiet summer day
Long ago and far away
Two tiny tots their happy play did end
As they gazed into the sky
Where the lazy clouds rolled by
The little girl said
Let's just play pretend

cho: let's pretend
     Those clouds are islands in the sky
     And let's pretend
     We're way up there, just you and I
     Let's pretend that no one knew
     Where to find us in the blue
     Let's pretend this dream comes true
     As years roll by

Now today, as swift years glide
Do they wander side by side
And does the trail into their dreamland wend
Do they still recall the day
That she turned to him to say
Darlin', take my hand and let's pretend
1972 RCA ADL2-0336(e)

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