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Lad in the North

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The Lad in the North

The Lad in the North

There was a lad lived in the north, wi' a how lo lan;
There was a lad lived in the north, wi' a lay;
There was a lad lived in the north,
Drew a' the girls when he cam' forth,
Wi' a hielolan, a hielolan, a hielolan and a lay.

He has come doon tae Engeland
And jined up tae a sailor band.

And he has gone ayont the sea,
A' tae the shore o' Germanie.

And there he's met wi' lasses braw,
And ane the flo'er amang them a'.

O be ye rich, or be ye pair,
Ye've ta'en ma hert, I dinna care.

O I'm the greatest in the lan',
But I will tak' ye for my man.

O little kent I tae mairrit be
Tae the king's dochter o' Germanie.

Collected by myself c. 1958.MS
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