Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Kelly the Pirate

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Kelly the Pirate

Kelly the Pirate

Come all ye jolly tarsmen, come listen to my song;
If you pay good attention I'Il not keep you long.
'T was of the Stag frigate, that ship of great fame,
That fought the arch-pirate, bold Kelly by name.

It was on the first ofJanuary all on the fifth day
That we spied a large cutter, to the leeward she lay.
The man on the masthead so loudly did cry,
Saying, "There's a sail and she seems to lie by."

Our captain he viewed her all round,
Saying, "That's Kelly the pirate, I'Il bet fifty pound.
So it's keep up undaunted, keep all snug and tight,
For I mean to abide with bold Kelly to-night.

"Keep all up undaunted, make all snug and clear.
Around with your helm and after him steer."
We steadied a little till we came within shot,
But this bold sassy pirate seemed to value us not.

We steadied a little till we came within hail,
Then a few English pills we let fly in his tail.
. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .

Bold Captain Kelly on the deck he did stand,
Saying, "Boys, be brave, valiant, and stout,
For if we are taken you plainly must see
Like dogs on the gallows we hanged must be!"

Bold Captain Cooper on the deck he did stand;
With a voice like the thunder he gave the command:
"Point your guns, blow your matches, and fire away."
. . . . . . . .

With a round of large metal we did them so gall
That down came the mainmast, their colours, and all.
With canister-shot we did pepper them so
That down to the bottom they quickly did go.

'Twas of that sassy frigate if you . . . your name,
She's a foe to Great Britain, from Dunkirk she came,
To rob our rich merchant-ships all on the wave,
But bold Captain Cooper her soon did invade.

FRom Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia, Mackenzie
Collected from Robert Langille
DT #565
Laws K31
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