Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Irving the Rover

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Irving the Rover

Irving the Rover

This song was composed by Irving the Rover
As he traveled through Brooklyn and most parts of Queens.
He became so verblunget (which means great confusion
In case you shouldn't know what verblunget means).

At Flatbush near Nostrand he'd been on his ramblin'
Being footsore and weary he lay down to rest.
He bought Zion salami and Katz's pastrami,
But Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray was what he liked best

It tasted more sweeter than a strawberry malted,
More sweeter than halvah and gave more content,
But the thought of his mother, lamenting and kvetching
Made him feel so guilty and made him repent.

The night fast approaching, to the subway he resorted
Heading home to Coney Island where Nathan's shines bright.
His mother was surprised when first he arrived,
``I'll fix you a corned beef sandwich; Why didn't you write?''

So he's living back at home and his mother's contented
They have Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray delivered to the door
So he sits in the bathroom and dreams about women
But he stays home with his mother and goes rambling no more

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