Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
In Dark

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In Dark

In Dark

The snaw has been fa'in the hale day lang
And the drift is blawin' across the lea
Een wee Robin Redbreast has stopped his sang
And wae like cowerin' neath the holiy tree
And aye when stowlin's I keek oot
At the snaw flakes sae saft and licht
I turn wi' a seech for I doot, I doot
My laddie will no be here the nicht.

It's four lang miles and the burn tae cross
By the wee fit briggie below the mill
Syne the road twines round by the aul' peat moss
An' up the side o' the eerie hill
Yet rowed in his plaid he may venture oot
For he is a callant baith young and wicht
And he weel kens the road but I doot, I doot
I needna look for him here the nicht.

The very last time that he was here
Oor auld man boded the storm was nigh
An I said Ye winna be back I fear
Till the dreadful doonfa' o' snaw is by
But he lichtly said as he turned aboot
For aince my lassie ye arena richt
Fat care I for snaw but I doot, I doot
My laddie will no be here the nicht.

My mither says he'd be het at hame
Gin he trauchle thro' drift for a kiss or twa
An' my sister tells me, I micht think shame
To haud him widin' sic depths o' snaw.
Says faither kindly "Ye needna pout
Big on some peats noo, and trim the licht."
His biddin' I dee but I doot, I doot
My laddie will no be here the nicht.

I tak my shank an' sit doon wi' a sigh
It's lang by his time and he'll nae be here
Oh I wish the winter sae snell were by
An' the spring time come a' oor hearts to cheer
Then in the gray gloamin I coold steal oot
An' meet wi' my true love wi' nane in sicht
By the burnie side - but I doot, I doot
My laddie will no be here the nicht.

But look at aul' collie, he's aff to the door
His towsie tail waggin' a welcome kin
He hears a fit he has heard afore
Or his neuk o' the ingle he widna tine'
An' here is the form sae manly and stoot
The ruddy cheeks an the een sae bricht
I'm sure I winner fat gart me doot
I micht weel hae kent he wad be here the nicht.

from Grieg-Duncan Folk Song Collection, vol 4. p 183
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