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Ill Take My Sorrow Straight

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I'll Take My Sorrow Straight

I'll Take My Sorrow Straight
(Iris DeMent/Elmer McCall)

We both know the reason why you've called,
So stop wastin' time tryin' to soften up my fall.
I know you wanna sweeten up the taste,
But if you don't mind, I'll just take my sorrow straight.

You almost make it seem like somethin' nice
The way you take your bad news and you pour it over ice.
That's a kindness I don't appreciate,
'Cause I like to take my sorrow straight.

I wouldn't say that I'm any stronger than the rest,
But no matter what you say, it ain't gonna hurt me any less,
'Cause in the end there is really no escape,
So I go on and I just take my sorrow straight.

(c) Iris DeMent/Elmer McCall, 1996, ASCAP
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