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I Would that the Wars Were All Done

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I Would that the Wars Were All Done

I Would that the Wars Were All Done

In the meadow one morning when pearly the dew
A fair pretty maid plucked violets blue
I've heard her clear voice making all the wood ring
"Oh my love is in Flanders to fight for the king

cho: And I would that the wars were well over
     Oh I would that the wars were all done

I plucked the red robin so jaunty and gay
Yet I have my Robin but he's far away
His jacket is red and his cheeks as the rose
He sings of his Nell as to battle he goes

Ten thousands of blue bells to welcome the spring
Oh when will the church bells of victory ring
And the soldiers return and all England rejoice
Oh then I'll be wed to the lad of my choice
recorded by Roy Harris on "The Rambling Soldier" (1979)

"The tradition has a fair stock of jingoistic songs but this one finds
the folk getting closer to reality with a heartfelt longing for peace.
The song appears to belong to the latter half of the eighteenth century.
It was collected by Rev. Baring-Gould towards the end of the
nineteenth century." - Paul Adams

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