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I Wish I Was a Bobbie

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I Wish I Was a Bobbie

I Wish I Was a Bobbie

     I wish I was a bobbie,
     A big fat bobbie,
     To wash ma mither's lobby
     Wi' washin' sodie.

     And when the sodie meltit,
     Then I was skelpit;
     I said I couldnae help it,
     But oh I felt it!

     M.S., Fife, c. 1941.  Ritchie Singing Street (1964), 17,
     a "back-green ballad" from Edinburgh, dated to early in
     the century; differs 1.1 I widnie be 2.2 I got my ear
     skelpit 2.3 And tho' 2.4 By God. Lines 1-4 in Rodger
     Lang Strang (1948), 9; var. "Wi' soft soap and sodie."

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