Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
I Remember Loving You

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I Remember Loving You

I Remember Loving You

I look at my brown suitcase
And think of all the places that I've been,
Railroad yards and prison guards,
All the dumpy little towns along the stem
And the whispering of the people
As they watch every move that I go through;
I remember all those things,
Mostly I remember loving you.

cho: I remember loving you,
     Back when the world was new,
     And I think you loved me too,
     I remember loving you,

The buckskin smells so the people tell
As we huddled in the boxcar from the rain;
Flashing lights that cut the night,
The railroad bull that pulled us off the train,
When the winter's cold and the Norther blows
I'm huddled in the corner 'til I'm blue;
I remember all these things,
Mostly I remember loving you.

Winter streets where the frozen sleet
Comes soaking through the cardboard in my shoes,
Where the promised land might be a place
Where a man could find free cigarettes and booze,
And the alleyways full of ragged strays,
The doorway wine I tell my troubles to,
I remember all these things,
Mostly I remember loving you.
Written by Luigi del Puppo and Tino Chumlovich and collected from
del Puppo at Nelson, BC 13 Aug. 1970 by Phil Thomas, PJT Coll
067.  Learned by Phillips at Expo '74 in Spokane, WA from
singing of collector and Hilda Thomas. v.3 and lines 3/4 of the
chorus by Phillips: original 3/4 is:

Out of all the girls I knew,
Yes, and I've had quite a few

Original 1.4 ... towns that I've been in. JB

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