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I Made a Big Mistake

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I Made a Big Mistake

I Made a Big Mistake

On the day I left my home
Said, Goodbye, sweetheart, I'm goin'
I'll come back to you when I get my big break
It wasn't long 'til my heart yearned
Couldn't wait 'til I returned
Looked around and found I made a big mistake

And then I saw you passing by
With your new love by your side
And I felt my heart cry out and start to break
You looked so happy now, it's true
My heart cried, I still love you
Oh, I can't explain; I made a big mistake

But give me one star's candle-light
For the moon is dark tonight
And I'm lost, but I can't lose this empty ache
Your new love lies where I once lay
My heart still cries; I long to stay
I regret too late, I made a big mistake

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