Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
I Know You Rider

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I Know You Rider

I Know You Rider

I know you rider, gonna miss me when I'm gone,
I know you rider, gonna miss me when I'm gone,
Gonna miss your little momma from a-rolling in your arms.

I'm goin' down the road where I can get more decent care, (2x)
Goin back to my used-to-be rider
'Cause I don't feel welcome here.

I know my baby sure is bound to love me some, (2x)
'Cause he throws his arms around me
Like a circle 'round the sun.

I laid down last night tryin' to take a rest, (2x)
But my mind kept rambling
Like the wild geese in the west.

I'm goin down to the river, set in my rocking chair, (2x)
And if the blues don't find me,
Gonna rock away from here.

Lovin' you baby, just as easy as rollin' off a log, (2x)
But if I can't be your woman,
I sure ain't gonna be your dog.

I will cut your wood, baby, I will make your fire, (2x)
And I will tote your water, baby,
From that Fresno Bar.

Sun gonna shine in my back yard some day, (2x)
And the wind gonna rise up, baby,
Blow my blues away.

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