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Grey Hawk

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Grey Hawk

Grey Hawk

Once I had a grey hawk, and a pretty grey hawk,
A sweet pretty girl of my own;
But she took flight and she flew away quite
And nobody knows where she's gone, my brave boys,
There's nobody knows where she's gone.

It's over the mountains I've rambled away,
And through the green parks I have strayed;
I hollered, I whooped and I played on my flute
But no pretty bird could I find, my brave boys,
But no pretty bird could I find.

It's through the green forests I rambled away,
And through these green fields I did stray;
It's there I did spy my pretty grey hawk
Close wrapped in the arms of a man, my brave boys,
She was wrapped in the arms of a man.

Happy's the man that has a good wife,
Twice happier he that has none;
But cursed is he that courteth another's
While he has a good wife of his own, my brave boys,
While he as a good wife of his own.

Now he that has got her is welcome to her,
To do the best with her he can;
But whilst he has her, and I have her not
I'll hawk with her once now and then, my brave boys,
I'll hawk with her once now and then.

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