Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Great Valerio

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Great Valerio

Great Valerio
(Richard Thompson / Warlock Music)

High up above the crowd,
The great Valerio is walking.
The rope seems hung from cloud to cloud,
And time stands still while he is walking.
His eye is steady on the target.
His foot is sure upon the rope.
Alone and peaceful as a mountain
And certain as the mountain slope.

Ch.:    How we wonder, how we wonder.
        Watching far below we would all be that great hero
        The great Valerio

We falter at the sight.
We stumble at the mire.
Fools who think they see the light.
Prepare to balance on the wire.
But we learn to watch together.
And feed on what we see above.
Till our hearts are like the seasons.
And we are acrobats of love.

Come all you upstart jugglers.
Are you really ready yet?
Who will help the tightrope walker,
When he stumbles to the net.
So come with me to see Valerio,
As he dances through the air.
I'm your friend until you use me,
And then be sure I won't be there.

recorded by Richard & Linda Thompson on "I Want To See The Bright L
Tonight" (1974) and by Richard live/solo/acoustic in New York on
"Small Town Romance" (1982)

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