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Great Country and Western Transylvania Love Song

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The Great Country and Western Transylvania Love Song

The Great Country and Western Transylvania Love Song
(Peter Alsop)

Bob Lincoln was a werewolf; now he lies beneath the ground
With a silver bullet deep within his chest
He was shot by Hattie Williams; truer love was never found
For she cried the night she laid his soul to rest

   Howl to the moon, Bob Lincoln, howl to the moon
   Hattie's gone and shot you down to keep your heart from prowling 'round
   Of all the wolves she knowed she loved you best

A full moon smiled down that night upon the Junior Prom
Bob drove his daddy's hearse to Hattie's tomb
Combed his face and rang the bell -- he knew the chase was on
When he caught the scent of her wolfsbane perfume

All the kids were at the prom that night at Transylvania High
Bob Lincoln danced the fox-trot like a fox
'Til Hattie caught him dancing cheek-to-cheek with Wilma Frye
She thought she smelled a wolf in Bobby's sox

Bob knew that Hattie was upset -- he'd acted like a beast
But he knew he couldn't curb his urge to roam
Then Hattie asked him quaintly why he hadn't worn his leash
"If you can't control your urges, take me home!"

Now, Hattie knew that werewolves roam 'til their lovers shoot them down
So she pulled her hidden pistol from her hair
She had one silver bulled, so she only fired one round
She caught him where wolves really should be-ware

   Learned this little beauty at the first annual KPFK folk
festival in 1975, from the renowned author.
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