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Goodbye Song

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Goodbye Song

Goodbye Song

       Here's my song, it won't take long,
        When it's finished I'll be gone.
       I'm overdue to travel on,
        Just stopped to say goodbye.

       Goodbye my friend, my own dear friend,
        I'll call you that until the end,
       Don't say we'll write, that's all pretend,
        Just stopped to say goodbye.

       Goodbye my dear, my only dear,
        I'll love you far as I've loved you near,
       But still I have to leave you here,
        Just stopped to say goodbye.

       Bring down the curtain on the show,
        Goodbye to all the friends I know,
       I'm going now, it's time to go,
        Just stopped to say goodbye.

       If we meet again, then I'll be glad,
        And if we don't, please don't be sad,
       Just think of all the times we've had,
        And now I've said goodbye.

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