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Good Night Irene Parody

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Good Night Irene Parody

Good Night Irene Parody

Said Irene, I sometimes date Stanley
And also, I go out with Lou,
But when you turn 'em upside down,
No difference between the two.

Sometimes Irene sleeps in pajamas
Sometimes she sleeps In a gown
But when they are both in the laundry
Irene is the talk of the town.

Irene is a liberated woman,
And likes men be they small or big
But she hates verses to Goodnite Irene
Made up by a Chauvinist pig

Anthony was a party boy
Temptation drew him in
He drank and fooled around with girls
He plumbed the depth of sin

He got down on his knees and prayed
Lord, though I've lived a life of slime
There are a few more things I'd like to try
So wontcha give me a little more time

Irene went to a singles bar
She wanted to meet some nice guy
But when she saw the selection there
She went home and had ice cream and pie

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