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Gods Radio Phone

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God's Radio Phone

God's Radio Phone

One day King Nebuchanezer, constructed an image of gold.
Commanded the three Hebrew children, to worship the thing I am told.
They refused and were thrown in the furnace, but they did not go in there alone,

For they had connections in heaven, over Gods' wonderful radio-phone.

cho: Call the station in heaven, they will answer you soon I am sure,
Tell them to give you Jesus, the friend of the needy and poor.
He sits on the right hand of the Father, on an editorial throne.
He'll answer I'm sure if you'll only endure, over Gods wonderful radio-phone.

When Elija went up to Mount Carmel, a ministers convention to attend,
The greedy professors and fakers, were there from all over the land.
There arose a great question for discussion, "is it God that we obey all alone"?

But Elija broke up the assembly, with fire from Gods wonderful radio-phone.

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