Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Go and Leave Me

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Go and Leave Me

Go and Leave Me

Once I loved with fond affection
All his thoughts they were of me
Until a dark girl did persuade him
Now he thinks no more of me

One hour he's happy with another
One that has great gold in store
While I poor girl am left broken-hearted
I'm left alone because I'm poor

        So go and leave me if you wish, love
        Never let me cross your mind
        For if you think I'm so unworthy
        Go and leave me I don't mind

Many's the day, love, with you I've rambled
Many was the night that with you I've spent
For I always thought you were mine forever
But now I know you were only lent

Here's the ring, love, which first you gave me
When our hearts they were entwined
Give it to that dark-haired lady
She'll never know that it once was mine

Many's the night, love, as you lie sleeping
Dreaming in your sweet repose
While I young girl lie broken-hearted
Listening to the wind that blows

Fare thee well friends and kind relations
Farewell to you, you false young man
'Tis you that has caused me pain and suffering
Never to return again

recorded by Peta Webb on "Voices. Traditional English Songs" (1992)
"A love lament heard widely in Britain and Ireland. The chorus comes
from Suffolk singer Percy Webb and the verses from many singers,
mainly travellers. Peta says that she likes to bring out the woman's
scorn for the man who jilts her as well as her pain" - Paul Adams

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